About ME

Hi, and welcome to my corner of the internet! My name is Angela Roberts and I am the owner and professional longarm quilter of On Pins & Needles Quilting Co. I have been sewing and/or quilting since I was 12, thanks to the endless hours and lessons from my grandmother and wonderful mom. I have always admired many wonderful, talented quilters and enjoyed looking at their beautiful works of art. Going to quilting shows is a favorite of mine!

A few years ago, as my youngest son was starting 1st grade, I knew that I wanted to find something enjoyable to do while my kids were in school. One day a wonderful friend showed me her quilting machine and I was hooked. I quickly bought my first machine, learned everything thing I could, and have been passionately finishing the quilts for many amazing quilters ever since!

I am truly grateful that I now get to join with those quilters and help them finish their masterpieces. It's such a joy to see how beautiful they all turn out and the stories behind each quilt. I have endless patterns to choose from for edge-to-edge, custom work, mini quilts, wall hangings and runners. I would love to get to know your quilt's story and help you find the joy in finishing your quilt. 

I look forward to working with you!


~Angela Roberts


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