A frequent question we receive is "what is Cuddle®" or "what is minky" fabric. First off, Cuddle® is Shannon Fabrics' trademark name for their minky fabric. When you hear the name Cuddle®, you know that it is specifically from Shannon Fabrics much like a Big Mac is from McDonalds. Shannon Fabrics is the premier minky fabric supplier in the USA. 

So what is minky fabric specifically? Minky is made of plush polyester material that has a velvety texture similar to velvet or fleece but softer. It comes in many varieties with different pile heights, textures, and colors. There are embossed varieties like Paisely Vine and beautiful animal prints like Luxe Cuddle Silver Fox. Most minky fabrics come in a standard 58/60" width, which is wider than most standard cotton fabrics. Wider varieties are also available in 80" Luxe Mirage and 90" Extra Wide Cuddle 3. Generally speaking, Cuddle® is a lower pile minky and Luxe Cuddle® is a higher pile minky.

Minky fabrics are especially fun for making amazingly soft blankets, pillow covers, clothing, stuffed animals and much more! Minky fabrics make excellent backing for quilts and will turn quilting your masterpiece into a snuggly throw that everyone will love.

In the video below, Shannon Fabrics' National Educator, Teresa Coates, discusses all things Cuddle® minky plush fabric.